ROWS is an advanced Website Development & Design studio based on Vancouver Island, serving clients remotely across Canada and the USA.


ROWS is committed to developing user-friendly, professional, and aesthetically pleasing websites to represent the face of your unique brand. To elevate your image, a series of branding services, such as logo design and business cards, are also available.


You provide us with the specifications, details, and vision for your brand; and we’ll do the rest.


We combine our creative talent, technical skill and experience to provide you with an impressive and effective product. Our customized designs are intuitively streamlined to increase visibility to your business and captivate more clientele.


ROWS is dedicated to providing a 100% satisfaction rate and ongoing support after your website is launched; including offering long-term website and social media maintenance services. Whether you’re one person starting a new project, a small business, or a large company, you can count on us to support your brand from the ground up.

What makes a good website? There’s a lot that goes into creating a website the right way. Here are a few key essentials to web success:



•Aesthetically captivating

•Understanding of the psychology of color, shape, font, and design •Relevant, original, compelling content

•Simple, intuitive navigation

•Cohesive branding

•Search engine optimization, analytics, & marketing

•Fast loading speeds & security

•Website tools

•Social sharing

•Cross platform browser compatibility


…among many others!


We are equipped with an in depth understanding of all of these factors, so you don’t have to be. While you focus on your brand, we’ll take care of the work behind the scenes to support your brand towards a high level of success and achievement.